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Formal & Black-Tie Wedding Guest Dresses

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Formal & Black-Tie Wedding Guest Dresses & Gowns

Find fancy and formal event favorites to feature at black-tie attire wedding celebrations with our captivating collection of gorgeous black-tie gowns for wedding guests. From elegant full-length ensembles to sophisticated and sleek chiffons, to ravishing and radiant ruffle designs, you're sure to stand out at any ceremony setting in one of our dazzling and beautiful bohemian black-tie dresses. Show off your sense of style at the next celebratory soiree of the season when you shop our selection of timeless and tasteful classic black tie wedding attire looks. Complete your picture-perfect black tie wedding guest dress with a swanky pair of shoes, some decorative and dressy jewelry and a few fun fashion accessories to flaunt.


What is considered formal attire as a wedding guest?

Formal wedding attire is a dress code that calls for elegant and sophisticated evening dresses, typically in longer styles. Explore our collection for floor length black tie gowns and dresses that suit formal occasions.

What is daytime formal attire for a wedding?

Daytime formal attire for a wedding typically involves elegant and polished outfits that are appropriate for a daytime event. Choose long formal dresses in light or airy fabrics in lighter or neutral shades.

Is formal wedding attire the same as black tie?

Formal attire is similar to black tie optional attire, as they both generally call for floor length dresses or gowns. Black tie is slightly more formal, as men are required to wear tuxedos, however, the same women’s dresses often fall into both formal and black tie categories.

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