Taylor Swift Concert Outfit

Taylor Swift Concert Outfit Ideas: 6 Eras Tour Fits

August 22, 2023

Can you feel the excitement in the air? It's Taylor Swift's Eras Tour, and it's not just a concert; it's a mesmerizing journey through the incredible eras of Taylor's music! We know you're all about dressing to impress, so get ready to rock the perfect outfit for each era. Show Me Your Mumu is here to help you with the ultimate eras tour outfit ideas. Grab your friendship bracelets and let's dive right into the magic of fashion and Taylor Swift's musical history!

  1. Red Era: Passionate and Bold

    The Red era – it's like an explosion of raw emotion, with fiery love and bold statements around every corner. For this Taylor Swift era, you want to embody that passion. Think vibrant reds, bold prints, and striking silhouettes. Picture yourself in a stunning red two piece matching set, complete with some fierce cowboy boots that will have you strutting with confidence. Don't forget to layer on the sequins, it's the Red era after all! Add a touch of sparkle with statement earrings and chunky bracelets. This is the time to express your emotions through your outfit, just like Taylor did during this iconic era. Trust us, you'll be the heart of the Red era fashion game!

    Red Era: Passionate and Bold
  2. Lover Era: Dreamy and Colorful

    Ah, the Lover era – where everything is dreamy, colorful, and enchanting. This era is all about embracing your inner romantic and celebrating life in the most beautiful shades. Pastels, florals, and flowy fabrics are the way to go. Imagine yourself in a flowy pastel dress or rainbow sequin mini, paired with the perfect pair of sneakers for that playful Lover era vibe. Accessorize with a floral headband, dainty jewelry, and of course, that radiant smile. The Lover era is all about spreading love and joy, and your outfit should reflect that vibrant spirit. Get ready to dance like nobody's watching, wrapped in the hues of the Lover era!

    Lover era
  3. Speak Now Era: Confident and Sophisticated

    The Speak Now era exudes confidence and sophistication. It's all about making a statement without uttering a word. Think Eras Tour outfit ideas that demand attention, featuring statement pieces and timeless elegance. Picture yourself in dreamy shades of lavender, green and light pinks, a touch of sparkle, and high waisted bottoms for that confident Speak Now look. Add a touch of sophistication with a sleek clutch, a pair of killer boots, and understated yet powerful accessories. This era is all about speaking volumes through your fashion choices, and you're going to command the stage – or the concert floor – with your chic and confident Speak Now outfit.

    Speak Now Era
  4. Midnights Era: Edgy and Mysterious

    Are you ready to unleash your inner rebel? The Midnights era is all about embracing dark tones, daring accessories, and a sense of mystery. It's time for leather, black, and smoky makeup! Imagine yourself in a black leather jacket, paired with a sultry sequin dress or matching set that screams edgy elegance for the Midnights era. Accessorize with bold earrings, a studded belt, and an air of confidence that says you're ready to rock the night. This era is all about embracing the darkness and letting your fierce spirit shine. Get ready to own the night in your mysterious and empowering Midnights ensemble.

    Midnights Era
  5. Fearless Era: Country Charm

    The Fearless Era was characterized by sparkly dresses and cowgirl boots. This era was also her Love Story era, featuring ballgowns and castles. When finding outfit inspiration for this era, you can either pay homage to Taylor's country roots or capture the ethereal essence of Taylor's music with a fairytale princess inspired outfit. Opt for a fringe matching skirt set to emulate Taylor’s iconic stage look or a mini dress with delicate details. Complete the look with embellished heels or cowboy boots.

  6. Reputation Era: Chic and Empowered

    Last but definitely not least, the Reputation era. Fierce, confident, and oh-so-chic. This era is all about owning your power and embracing a modern, sleek look. Imagine yourself in a sleek blazer dress, paired with some killer boots that will make a statement! Accessorize with minimalist jewelry, a clutch, and a fierce attitude that says you're unapologetically fabulous. The Reputation era is all about clean lines, bold presence, and unshakable confidence. Get ready to strut your stuff, making a lasting impression with your chic and empowered Reputation era outfit.


There you have it, six fabulous outfit ideas for Taylor Swift's Eras Tour! No matter which era resonates with you the most, Show Me Your Mumu has the perfect pieces to help you shine at the concert. We're your women's fashion confidantes, always here to ensure you look and feel like a superstar. So go ahead, explore our collection, and get ready to rock those Swiftie vibes at the concert. Together, we'll make this tour unforgettable, one perfect outfit at a time!