Maternity Outfit Ideas

9 Maternity Outfit Ideas That Are Stylish and Comfortable

April 16, 2024

So, you're pregnant (or trying to be!) and worried that means you'll have to sacrifice your sense of style for the next several months? Pregnancy is a beautiful journey, but it doesn't mean saying goodbye to your personal style! It's a chance to explore new outfit options that not only accommodate your growing bump but also keep you stylish and comfortable throughout this incredible time! 

From casual days to special occasions, here are nine maternity outfit ideas that'll have you feeling fabulous.

1. Bump-Enhancing Dresses

Maternity dress

Who says maternity clothes have to be boring? Maternity dresses are the perfect go-to outfit that can be dressed up or down. A bump-enhancing maternity dress is perfect for anyone who wants their bundle of joy to be the center of attention! Stretchy knit mini or midi dresses are the easiest and most flattering options during pregnancy. They’re versatile enough to style with tall boots and a trench or in the warmer months with chic summer sandals!

2. Comfy Lounge Set

For those days when comfort reigns supreme, a cozy lounge set is your go-to choice! Opt for soft, stretchy fabrics that offer room for your bump to grow. Mix and match with cute patterns or solid colors for a relaxed, yet chic look. You’re going to be exceptionally happy to have these staples in your maternity wardrobe on those lazy days!

3. Flowy Midi Dresses

Maternity dress

Having a flowy midi dress as a go-to wardrobe piece is an obvious choice during pregnancy. They are easy, cute, and comfy! Empire waistlines or wrap dresses beautifully highlight your changing shape, while breathable fabrics keep you feeling light and airy. Not to mention, having a midi dress or two will take you through your pregnancy and can still be worn even after your little one has arrived!

4. Roomy Rompers

Maternity romper

Rompers aren’t just for non-pregnant days! In fact, they make great pieces for maternity wear. Choose oversized and roomy rompers to accommodate your growing belly. They’re playful, comfortable, and perfect for a day out with family and friends or running errands!

5. Oversized Sweatshirts

When you’re on the go and just need something simple, embrace the oversized trend with comfy sweatshirts. They are the perfect option during pregnancy due to their roomy nature! But more importantly, this maternity wardrobe staple doesn’t require much thought and can be thrown on with a pair of leggings or maternity denim and your favorite sneakers.

6. Sweater Dresses

Maternity Sweater Dress

With colder days in mind, sweater dresses are a must have! They offer warmth and style while allowing space for your bump. Pair them with tights and knee-high boots for a chic fall or winter look. Comfort is key when pregnant, and we don't know a soul who would deny that sweater dresses are among the most comfortable dress options out there!

7. Tunic Sweater

Tunic Sweater

A tunic sweater is a great piece that can easily be dressed up or down! Wear it alone as a dress or over maternity leggings for a casual vibe, or pair it with tailored pants for a more polished appearance. Their flowy silhouette allows you to move freely while pregnant and will even have you reaching for them post-pregnancy!

8. For the Babyshower

Maternity dress

When celebrating your upcoming arrival, a flowy midi dress with puff sleeves and a flowy skirt gives total cottagecore vibes! Don't be surprised if you suddenly have the urge to snap tons of maternity photos of your bun in the oven!

9. For the Special Occasion

Maternity dress

For those extra special moments during your pregnancy journey, a sophisticated ensemble is in order! A spandex maxi dress should be your go-to–you’ll look trendy, show off your bump, and feel good from every angle! You won’t even be looking for an excuse to get out of it, it’s that comfortable.


Embrace your bump and explore a range of maternity outfit options that offer both style and comfort. From casual everyday wear to those memorable occasions, there are countless ways to showcase your style while celebrating this incredible time! Now, just work on those poses for your maternity photos you AND your baby bump look the most fab in!